More sad news

Greystoke was snatched by coyotes two weeks ago.

His sister Priscilla was struck and killed by a speeding car three days later.

And Saturday, Uno, the cheerful ginger cat, succumbed to renal failure.

We are all still in shock. Forgive us for burdening you, our special readers, with more bad news. But we knew you’d wonder why three of our principal actors were no longer on stage.

Right now the curtains are closed and we bid them farewell, but only for a while. We hope to rejoin one another at the Rainbow Bridge.


Snake du jour

Her Bring Food does okay but not serve fresh caught mousie or mole. No bug omlet or frog legs wif frog too.

So I’se added a tasty morsel to plate of reglar food.

(Hoomans probly don’t want to eat at Kibble Kids Kafe’. They say they has reservations, though.)

Chef Fred

Super Kibble Kids

We’s mos grown! We jump to railing now in one leap; maybe not tall buildings, but over top of igloo too. Faster den a speeding mousie, more purrerful den a loco cicada. We’s Super Kibble Kids! (James not in photo. He trying pull down blankit from uther side.)

Greystoke, Priscilla, GingerFred posing but not our bestes sides. Oh well. (No, we dint rip blankit. It older den we are, wif holes. Warm, tho.)

How cats see dogs

A Great Dane puppy decided to defend her hoomans from the dreaded leaf blower by barking at it. The leaf blower, of course, blew her barks right back in her face. The hoomans loved the picture and shared it via social media.

Thank you to the Machs, who shared this memorable photo of their dog, Charley, with all of us.

It shows what cats really see in dogs – all teeth and menace (much of the time).