cant do fansy stuf

our hooman has been in the hospitall. we try but but we dont no how to put up photos an stuf like that.

but hello readers please bare with us.

thank you vary much

Abishag and Ira (at least we no our  names]


Tuckered out

When you’ve played all morning in the small greenhouse (but it seems big to us) … and Mama’s gone hunting for a mouse … the best thing to do is join a cuddle puddle. purrr… zzz … purrr … zzz …

The four of us are about five weeks old, the humans think. And we have to find homes when we’re big enough, so we’re all practicing our ‘cute.’ But we’ll work on the humans here, so we don’t have to leave our Mama Rosa, or Uncle Pete, or Aunt Nicky, or Big Brother Chicago Whitesox.

Anybody have some ideas for names?

The mites of spring

Mama Rosa smuggled them into an old cat bed in the smallest greenhouse. A good thing, too, since they’d likely been living in a pile of torn-up concrete slabs near a drainage ditch, and we got over two inches of rain last night. Now to start finding homes for them.

Suppose we could get a book of green stamps for each one? Or at least a wooden nickel. 🙂


Here’s a great idea from If your cat(s) like to flop down on your keyboard ( of course while you’re working), try setting out a decoy keyboard. The cat can paw at it, sleep on it, or press keys – no data will disappear into cyberspace.

Definitely worth trying. Let me know in the “Comments” section if it works!


A model cat

Never on the wrong side of the door, never hungry at 3 a.m., doesn’t sharpen its claws on the sofa …

but it also can’t purr, or console you when you’re down, or greet you happily at the door as you’re home from work at last.

They put up with our shortcomings. Guess we should put up with theirs.