Ira has passed to the Rainbow Bridge

He was hunting in the garage late this morning, like the true ‘little soldier’ he was, when he either fell from a height of about eight feet onto a concrete floor and broke his spine or had a blood clot suddenly block all feeling in his back legs, resulting in the fall.

Ira left for the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. Surely Ptolemy and Kezia the Beautiful met him there, along with Ira’s mother.

Please give your companion cat an extra hug today, ‘just because.’


June 1, 2004 – July 18, 2019.

They’ll have laundry baskets at the Bridge too.

Maybe even Gracus’ chariot.





James’ abentur

Got hurt. Thot it went away. Nope. Then it REALLY hurt. Scared Her Bring Food when she saw hole in my chest fur. Scared Taller Than Us too. Hoomans used lil’ box thing to call vet for murgensee.

Vet tell them clean up best you can; bring him in tomorrow. We clean real good, give him anti-somedings.

Smell really bad. I’s sorry bout that. Bruvvers, sister no want cuddle right now. Hurt my feelings.

So next day I go in bigger lil box an den in BIG box. BIG box run faster, faster. Oh! Dis mus be an abentur! Breeze in face inside lil box feel good. Lie down on soft thing an nap. Wake up. BIG box still running. Mus have short legs an not get very far.

Now at vet place. Have to sit an wait. Peeples talk, talk. Lie down on soft thing an nap.

More peeples. Man pulls me out of lil box, says We clean this up. Be right back. OW! Scrub as hard as Mama Rosa but not with tongue. Tek hooman take an put me back in lil box. Gives Her Bring Food tiny box, twice a day.

Now BIG box run back. Taller Than Us say we going home. What ‘home’ mean? Find out, I guess. Maybe where GingerFred, Pickles, Grey be. Lie down on soft thing an nap.

Oh! This what they mean, home. Yep. I got to have abentur,  bruvvers an sister dint have. I be special, den. Glad be home. Must nap. Tired.

James of The Kibble Kids

The Kibble Kids’ Fourth of July

Too manee booms. Too much zip zip hiss shreeek smack! We’s very not happy. We gonna hide in da greenhous. Taller Than Us say we safe dere. Her Bring Food say we okay too.

Hope Mama Rosa okay. Mama not like small spasez, so she went somehweres else. Uncle Pete an Aunt Nicky hear tho.

Hoomans, pleese watch out for YOUR furbabies. If no greenhous, dan gagarge good, inside peeple hous way better. We thanks you for keeping our cousens safe.

The Kibble Kids


The Kibble Kids

We’s resting now. But when we’s all rested up, then we gonna find abenturs. You can follow our abenturs ever week, so keep reading pleese. Just call us the Kibble Kids! (But dat’s Grey Greystoke/Tarzan; GingerFred Boy; Priscilla/Pickles for the scrapes she gets into; an James Bond in his tux.)