Safe to sleeep

Now we has new place to sleep. (We tell you befur?) Taller Than Us wondered coyotes maybe tear throu plastic walls on greenhouse (or we tear them up tryin excape) so he move us to green building. Gots tin all round bottom haf of walls an good new roof plus tarp inside to cut blowing wind.

(But noisy at night. Lawn mower snore.)

Her Bring Food feeds us ever late afnoon now an locks door once we is in eating. Uncle Pete kinda sad about no mor patrol duty in nayborhud but ever time we hears coyote howls we very glad Uncle Pete wif us an safe too. Red lights shine on our beds now so we is warmer at night.

Uncle Pete batcher now cuz Aunt Nicky all gone. We try keep him chered up. We glad we has good hoomans.

We write agin.

Kibble Kids, Fred an Jamie


Don’t know what happen. Jamie an me went in little box; Her Bring Food and Taller Than Us LEFT US some place. Jamie says same place scrubbed hole in chest long time ago – same smell.

Lots of hoomans, other cats, too many dogs. No sleep. Then no food. Then hurt.

Finally food, but no sleep again. Stoopid dogs. Never shut up bark bark  bark bark  all night. Still hurt. Jamie not hurting; not know why I do.

Good! Hear hoomans other room. Take us home but not outside yet. Well, half better than not at all. I guess.

Fred of the Kibble Kids; Jamie too.