What dem things?

Fred here.  Sis Jamie susprized us all Toosday nite. Sumpin’ sqeekin’ upstairs, right over my bed. Sqeek, sqeek. Couldn’t figger out. Gave up an’ went back to sleep.

Dis mornin’ Her Bring Food back in our building, lookin’ at sumpin’. So I climbs up an’ peeks over box side. Huh! Funny lookin’ mousies.

Her Bring Food whispers, “Kittens. They’re sleeping. Don’t wake them up, or you’ll be in trouble.” Now I’ze gettin’ threats for not doin’ nuffin’. Okay. Dem not mousies, don smell like ’em. But ‘Uncle Fred’ not kitten-sittin’.

Her Bring Food still tryin’ get photo. Soon, maybe. We sees. Maybe mor Kibble Kids dis sumer?

More about looking after a kitten

Found a great online source for information to help you adopt a smart, funny, happy kitten and raise it to be a fabulous cat.

It’s bluecross.org.uk, a registered charity in England, Wales and Scotland. Besides the ton of information available at Kitten Knowhow, there are really heartwarming stories about some of the kittens who’ve been rescued and rehomed.

You can get emails sent to you at no cost, with advice on issues and problems from expert veterinarians.

It’s a fun site to visit. There are also many stories about the dogs and puppies they’ve rescued, treated and adopted out too – Blue Cross has been around since 1897!

Check them out – your kitten will purr for you doing so!

Dramatic grammatics from the irrepressible Fred

“I’ze here!”

“What are you doing in the ditch again, Fred?”

“I’ze a cat.”

“Fred, we need to talk about your grammar and spelling. You were born on the campus of a publishing company. Yet your spelling is atrocious and your grammar isn’t correct.”

“I’ze a cat.”

“No, I’m a cat.”

“Nos, you not. You’ze Her Bring Food. I’ze a cat.”

“Fred. That’s ‘I’m a cat.’”

“Nos, you not.”

“Fred! The correct form of that sentence is, ‘I am a cat. Or, I’m a cat.’”

“I’ze sory to tells you, Her Bring Food, but you no cat. You a hooman.”

(sigh) “That’s our Fred. Our GingerFred Boy. One of the Kibble Kids. You can be a real pain too, you know that?”

“But I’ze your cat. An’ I’ze Taller Than Us’ess’ cat to.”

“Yes. Yes, we knows dat.”

“Gets a hug?”


Good night, Abishag

Each night we have these little rituals. Abishag, at fifteen years old, is a bit set in her ways. But then, so am I.

She prefers both litter boxes left clean and tidy, her water bowls filled and her kibble dish with a layer of it on the bottom. (She’d love to have it at least half-filled, but with her delicately-balanced digestion, that would be disaster.)

I check to be sure it’s warm enough, as she gets quite cold very quickly. She has several beds spotted around my office and my crafts workroom, but generally starts the night by the gas log fireplace. That truly is her favorite corner of the area.

A nightlight so she can find her litter box helps a great deal, as she has cataracts. And I leave a lamp with a soft light on instead of the work lights overhead that are quite bright.

Is her remnant of dinner able to be licked out of the bowl, or does it need to be spooned up into a dab in the middle? And is a bit of brushing needed to maintain that lovely black sable fur coat?

And then we bid each other a good night, as she settles in to listen to classical music. She still misses her brother Ira, naturally, but seems to have adjusted well.

Yet she still makes me feel guilty as I leave, with that little face turned up to me, asking, “Is it time to close your office already? Can’t you stay a little longer?”

I linger as long as I can, but other cats have needs too, before their bedtimes. And mine.

Goodnight, Abishag. I’ll bring you breakfast in the morning.




Not my fault

Jami here – bruvver Fred says I’ze gettin’ fat. Don’t think so. Her Bring Food says her fault – didn’t get me spad in time. ??? Dunno ’bout that. Still climin’ on house roof an’ jumpin’ off onto greenhouse roof. Chase bruvver jus as fast too. Her Bring Food says kittuns coming. We keep dese an’ den get me spad. Means mor Kibble Kids? Maybe we have sum one mor to play wif!

Wait an’ see. I tells you wat next.