Kibble Kids through the roof

Know what happens when two kittens climb up on top of a wind tunnel greenhouse? They wiggle around, slip and slide and have a lot of fun until they explore under the edge of the plastic skin and kerflump!

They fall into the greenhouse on top of a tray of various items set aside for recycling at some point. The tray falls to the floor and makes a very loud BANG! The kittens, fortunately, are unharmed.

Her Bring Food couldn’t believe it when she saw the crash site. Annie Oakley and Hoss Cartwright are currently on the ‘Naughty List.’  They’re practicing looking contrite.

“Psst. Annie – that a great word for our Dishunary – kerflump.”

“We can add lotsa words, Hoss. We works at it!”

What are you kids up to?

Annie: “Hi, Mama. Um- we’z jus wonrin’ how to write a book.”

Jamie: “I know you were born on the campus of a publishing company – whatever that is – but where do you get these ideas?”

Geronimo: “Her Bring Food” alla time talkin’ ’bout writin’ books. So we thought maybe we cud too.”

Annie: “We wants to be faymust. We think Her Bring Food help us.”

Her Bring Food: “That’s my cue to walk on. Are you kittens ready to get started on your ‘Kibble Kids Dishunary’?”

Annie: “Help us?”

Geronimo: “Wait, wait. I’ze hungree. An’ need a nap. Affer that, maybe ready to write.”

Her Bring Food: “You sound like a writer already, Geronimo.”




Abishag wants to know why she isn’t quoted more often.

“I didn’t know you wanted to be quoted.”

“Why should the youngsters get all the attention from our readers? You even gave them a cute nickname – Kibble Kids. Humph.”

“Abishag, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to neglect you.”

“Well, you haven’t neglected me, exactly. Because I wouldn’t allow it.”

“Um – I’m fully aware of that. Should I try to figure out something to compensate for the youngsters getting more press coverage?”

“Finish the first book in the trilogy, so all our readers know how we three came to live with the old astronomer and Ptolemy before our mission began.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“We ‘sposed to be writin’ a book,” Annie Oakley said.

Geronimo: “What’s a book?”

Annie: “Dunno. But it named ‘Kibble Kids Dishunary.'”

G: “Lotsa work, betcha. When we gonna haf time too play?”

A: “Dunno. I’ze jus a kiten like you, ‘member? We duzn’t no much. We’z cute. All we hasta be.”

G: “Uncle Fred ‘sposed to help us wif gramr an’ spellin’ for blog.”

A: “Her Bring Food not ‘pressed wif Uncle Fred’s gramr an’ such.”

G: “Jus’ wait. We get book writen, we all faymust.”

A: “Mousie on a platr? Mole wif moth sauce?”

G: “Yum!”