We be vishus Kibble Kids?

Jamie here: Cuppa weeks ago, Fred figger out how slide door open from inside.

Fred: I was hungry! You were too!

Jamie: He jump out of kitten door an scare Her Bring Food nerly out of her boots. She get woried when too early for us to be out cause coyotes might still be hangin round.

Fred: Okay, dint mean scare her so bad. You came out opened door too. Uncle Pete evwen manage squeeze throuh, one shoulder at a time.

Jamie: So Her Bring Food ask Taller Than Us  pleaz secur door. So he got chain an did jus that. Now it look like pit bulls living in our builging, not kittens and Uncle Pete.

Fred: Good! Maybe that scare confounded coyotes.

Jamie: No pit bulls, jus vishus Kibble Kids.

Fred: Not sorry. Like scaring coyotes. Wait til I all growed an big as Uncle Pete. We go beat up coyotes.

Jamie: Oh bruvver.

An excerpt from “Three Wise Cats”

The next morning’s breakfast was hasty, as they wished to rush to the end of their journey. Just as they began to urge the camels to rise with their packs and saddles, a group of shepherds rushed up to them.

“You have our sheep!” one shouted. “Stop, thieves!”

Kaspar immediately got out of his saddle. “No, we are not thieves. We found your flocks wandering without guidance, and kept them with our animals for the night.”

An older shepherd pulled the arm of the one who had shouted, and forced him back. “Please pardon his rude words, sir. We left our sheep to follow a star, and saw –” the man’s dirt-smudged, bearded face suddenly glowed. He paused and began again. “We have seen the Messiah!”

The three wise men gathered around the ragged, dirty shepherds. “You have seen Him! Where is He? May we go to Him?”

“He lies in a manger, in a stable not far from here. The stable is on the outskirts of Bethlehem,” the older man continued.

“In a manger? It is true He is but a babe, then?” Balthazar asked, incredulously.

“But He is born to be King of the Jews,” another shepherd offered. “For last night we did see angels, who took us to Him.”

“Angels,” Kaspar repeated. “What wonders we should have seen. If only the storm had not delayed us so!”

A small boy walked up then. “You will see the angels too,” he told the wise men shyly. “For they fly over the stable as they sing.”

“And what songs we heard!” The voices of the shepherds tumbled over one another as they each tried to be heard. “They were glorious!” “That is what they were singing: Glory, glory, glory to God! On earth peace, and good will toward men.” “They filled the sky with their wings and voices, and music!” “We heard voices that sounded more sweetly than any bells could ring.”


Please hug your cats very tightly tonight. And may we all be blessed with the joy of following our hearts.

Merry Christmas!

Safe to sleeep

Now we has new place to sleep. (We tell you befur?) Taller Than Us wondered coyotes maybe tear throu plastic walls on greenhouse (or we tear them up tryin excape) so he move us to green building. Gots tin all round bottom haf of walls an good new roof plus tarp inside to cut blowing wind.

(But noisy at night. Lawn mower snore.)

Her Bring Food feeds us ever late afnoon now an locks door once we is in eating. Uncle Pete kinda sad about no mor patrol duty in nayborhud but ever time we hears coyote howls we very glad Uncle Pete wif us an safe too. Red lights shine on our beds now so we is warmer at night.

Uncle Pete batcher now cuz Aunt Nicky all gone. We try keep him chered up. We glad we has good hoomans.

We write agin.

Kibble Kids, Fred an Jamie