Kitten Season

And if you’re planning on adding a kitten or an older cat from the shelter (hint, hint) to your household, please do get it neutered or spayed as quickly as possible. A female cat can start having litters at only four months of age.

As Ernest Hemingway said, “One cat just leads to another.”

Shown is a house for some of Hemingway’s cats at his former home in Key West, Florida. – Wikipedia


We is orfuns now?

Mama Rosa gone long time. Her Bring Food not happy; Taller Than Us found last kittens Mama Rosa had but they not real no mor. We sad too. We miss our Mama an we never got to play wif new bruvvers/sisters.

Her Bring Food says we vary lucky tho. We have foster purrents – our Uncle Pete an Aunt Nicky. They watching out for us. Her Bring Food an Taller Than Us say they help grownup cats too. So we okay. Sad, but okay.

from Priscilla of the Kibble Kids

Dat me Priscilla in back, I’ze da pritty one wif Fred in front, grey to side an den Jammes. We much bigger now.


Just talked to a dear friend who lost her companion cat early this year. She started to apologize for still missing him – but she shouldn’t. We all have to weather grief in our own way; painfully and slowly for most of us.

Here’s a link I’m passing on to her and to you as well:

May your heart be peaceful today.

Surf’s up!

Ignore the March weather and curl up with your laptop (But with your cat in your lap, of course) for some surfing. This ‘About’ site will lead you to fun facts about your favorite companion, lots more cat blogs to read, and tips and treats for everything feline.

What a great, rainy, dismal afternoon …

Pranks cats play on each other

I’ll rub my chin on the door edge until – oops – the door closes, trapping you inside the room with me

That bit of fuzz is some terrible unknown, vicious bug – look out! It’ll attack you!

I want to play; why are you sleeping?

I want to sleep; why are you playing?

But your bowl of food always tastes so much better …

Reporting from Ira’s window

There are still leaves on the trees around here, surprisingly. Ira wants them gone – now – because they block his second-story view of the world from the north window.

Abishag is content with his reports on the weather, birds, visitors, an animal wandering through the area.

Is Ira’s media coverage unbiased, or does he throw in personal opinion?

A warm ‘Thank you!’ to our most faithful commentator, Randy Stark. Besides being a bibliophile and Friend of Cats, he’s a many-times published poet. You can find him at his web page, Randy Stark or certainly browse for his books on Amazon. He’s a blunt and acerbic stand-up poet, so his work is likely NSFW – you’ll get in trouble for snickering in your cubicle.