Sometimes ‘silly’ is just necessary

Watching the younger outside cats gleefully rolling in the dirt brings back a memory …

Two brown cats were casually strolling up the driveway. Brown ?!? No brown cats lived here – what was going on? When they got closer, the smaller cat looked as if it was smiling; the larger one, a bit sheepish.

The pair were Ptolemy and Abishag. She’d shown Ptolemy what fun it was to roll in the dirt, and now the sable point Siamese was an all-over dark brown. So was Abishag – what black cat?

After they got dusted off, they were still enjoying their silly prank on the humans.

And yes, they proceeded to ‘change color’ again, the very next day.

Wish I’d snapped a photo.

Hapy Birfday to Us!

Jamie and Fred playing ‘leap cat’ a year ago

We’z TWO years old today! An jus as hansome an prety as ever. We’z the originel Kibble Kids.

We apresheate you, are readers very mush an thank you for followin us (altho where is you? We nefer sees you(

Her Bring Food also thanks you very mush.

Many purrs,

Fred (blond guy) an Jamie (girl in a tux)

Keeping memories

Readers, you may already know about this, but I found out Walgreens has a partnering service which will print copies of photos you’ve taken, whether with your phone or a camera.

Above is a print of one of Abishag’s very best photos, taken in February, 2015, showing the wheels going ’round in that little hard head of hers. (Being a Taurus, she was very determined – just a hair away from being ‘stubborn.’) The prints aren’t at all expensive, and you can get home delivery if you want, rather than driving to the store.

BTW, I’m not getting anything from Walgreens for mentioning them here in Abishag’s blog. I just wanted all of you to know about help available in keeping memories.

So please don’t keep those special memories stored on your phone or in the cloud – get them copied and up on the wall, where they can brighten a dreary day with a reminder of a sunnier one.

Laters, Abishag

As you, our readers, are extremely observant, I’m sure you’ve all noticed the erratic postings from Abishag, especially once 2021 started. The wonderful, funny, rambunctious, bossy, adventurous Bombay Siamese black cat that had been partners with her brother Ira in our publishing office, Write Up The Road, began to decline in health.

Abishag was finally slowing down (except for beating up packing papers and writing her books) and the arthritis in her hips was becoming very painful. She lost weight, began to hear less well, and then came down with a severe Upper Respiratory Infection with awful nosebleeds about four weeks ago. At 16 years old, home care wasn’t sufficient.

Several trips to the excellent veterinarians at Reelfoot Animal Hospital seemed to help – but only for a day or two at a time. And last week, she was definitely losing ground. She couldn’t eat, groaned when she lay down to try and sleep, and then Friday March 5, suffered what apparently was a light stroke. I’d been sleeping in my office to be with her, and she had another, much more severe stroke about 3:20 am Sunday morning.

A little after 9 am Sunday March 7, Abishag set out on her final journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Now I must believe there’s no paralysis, no arthritis, no pain, no shortness of breath – and she can run and leap again like her brother Ira. She also must have her tail back, as her form on the other side is perfect.

This office is certainly empty. She had a real presence, and incredible intelligence – and is terribly missed. We love you, Abishag. May we all meet again at the Rainbow Bridge and cross into a wonderful Heaven together, never to be parted again.

Goodbye for now, sweetheart. I hope there are cooperative dragonflies and moles for you to hunt but not harm. Laters, Abishag.