An interesting observation

Photo by Mushki Brichta, Wikipedia

 “If you want to write, keep cats.”

— Aldous Huxley (author, Brave New World)

Brings to mind that quote, attributed to Mae West, who recommended every girl keep a diary. “Keep a diary always, and then someday it’ll keep you.”


What are you kids up to?

Annie: “Hi, Mama. Um- we’z jus wonrin’ how to write a book.”

Jamie: “I know you were born on the campus of a publishing company – whatever that is – but where do you get these ideas?”

Geronimo: “Her Bring Food” alla time talkin’ ’bout writin’ books. So we thought maybe we cud too.”

Annie: “We wants to be faymust. We think Her Bring Food help us.”

Her Bring Food: “That’s my cue to walk on. Are you kittens ready to get started on your ‘Kibble Kids Dishunary’?”

Annie: “Help us?”

Geronimo: “Wait, wait. I’ze hungree. An’ need a nap. Affer that, maybe ready to write.”

Her Bring Food: “You sound like a writer already, Geronimo.”