Surf’s up!

Ignore the March weather and curl up with your laptop (But with your cat in your lap, of course) for some surfing. This ‘About’ site will lead you to fun facts about your favorite companion, lots more cat blogs to read, and tips and treats for everything feline.

What a great, rainy, dismal afternoon …

Elder Care for Cats?

And what of Kezia the Beautiful? As the eldest of the three cat characters in “Three Wise Cats,” in real life, Kezia is beginning to appreciate the fireplace’s warmth more this winter than in the past. At ten years old (don’t admit you know her real age, please) sometimes she moves as if her joints are getting a bit stiff. (Like all the rest of us.) So Mike, our favorite UPS driver, will be bringing her a surprise soon. It’s a soft, round bed which should snuggle her small frame for hours of sweet dreams.

That is, if she decides she likes it.

Her opinion will be posted here, of course. Stay tuned.