Adopt a Cat Month

It’s June, and that means the American Humane Association will be reminding everyone that first, it’s Kitten Season, and second, it’s National Adopt a Cat month, AKA, Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.

The American Humane Association began observing this special month in 1974 – so last century, yes, but still necessary, as over three million cats end up in shelters or rescues every year.

That’s heartbreakingly sad.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a companion, please consider a cat. It doesn’t have to be a kitten. Many loving, well-behaved older cats find themselves in a shelter because an elderly owner wasn’t permitted to take a companion animal into assisted living. Some cats (and kittens too) have missing eyes, ears, legs … but they can still purr and be a furry friend.

Cats adopted from shelters or rescues seem to realize they’ve been given new lives. They’re grateful for a cardboard box bed with an old towel in it, a bowl with food and one with water, and most of all – a kind person with hands that reassure and comfort. That cat will do its utmost to purr and cuddle a sad, lonely human into a smile or a chuckle.

Be kind to yourself and to a feline down on its luck – please adopt a cat. Thank you.


Black Cat Appreciation Day

Abishag, Ira, Abishag and Ira again – Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day, everyone. If you’re currently catless, please consider going to your nearest shelter or rescue for a black cat companion. They’re very smart, loyal, talkative and loving. And sadly, often overlooked in favor of another color coat. Abishag and Ira would be most gratified. Purrs!