Kitten campus under construction

Her Bring Food and Taller Than Us were having to put the next generation of Kibble Kids back inside their small building every half hour or so. The mini-Houdinis were practically punching a time card with their regular escapes! And the hoomans were worried about a hawk swooping down and having a 7-week-old kitten for lunch.

So the hoomans are building a campus for the Kibble Kids: Gabby Grays, Annie Oakley, Geronimo, Cisco, Zorro, Molly Brown, Hoss Cartwright to play in during the daytime. An old doghouse will be their ‘safe house’ if a shadow passes overhead or a lawn mower starts up. And double fencing around the perimeter will hopefully keep kittens inside where it’s safe. Sunny in the middle, shade all around the edges, huge scratching post as well.

Photos soon.