A favorite

This link will take you to one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time. It’s the story of an abandoned kitten who was rescued by a monk and stayed at the monastery where she obviously felt she belonged. I’ve had a cat who meditated regularly, but nothing compared to this uplifting article! Please click here:

And have a wonderful day! (If I’ve posted this before, I apologize. It’s just so heart-warming … purrs to all.)


More about looking after a kitten

Found a great online source for information to help you adopt a smart, funny, happy kitten and raise it to be a fabulous cat.

It’s bluecross.org.uk, a registered charity in England, Wales and Scotland. Besides the ton of information available at Kitten Knowhow, there are really heartwarming stories about some of the kittens who’ve been rescued and rehomed.

You can get emails sent to you at no cost, with advice on issues and problems from expert veterinarians.

It’s a fun site to visit. There are also many┬ástories about the dogs and puppies they’ve rescued, treated and adopted out too – Blue Cross has been around since 1897!

Check them out – your kitten will purr for you doing so!