Adopt a Cat Month

It’s June, and that means the American Humane Association will be reminding everyone that first, it’s Kitten Season, and second, it’s National Adopt a Cat month, AKA, Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.

The American Humane Association began observing this special month in 1974 – so last century, yes, but still necessary, as over three million cats end up in shelters or rescues every year.

That’s heartbreakingly sad.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a companion, please consider a cat. It doesn’t have to be a kitten. Many loving, well-behaved older cats find themselves in a shelter because an elderly owner wasn’t permitted to take a companion animal into assisted living. Some cats (and kittens too) have missing eyes, ears, legs … but they can still purr and be a furry friend.

Cats adopted from shelters or rescues seem to realize they’ve been given new lives. They’re grateful for a cardboard box bed with an old towel in it, a bowl with food and one with water, and most of all – a kind person with hands that reassure and comfort. That cat will do its utmost to purr and cuddle a sad, lonely human into a smile or a chuckle.

Be kind to yourself and to a feline down on its luck – please adopt a cat. Thank you.


Black Cat Appreciation Day

Abishag, Ira, Abishag and Ira again – Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day, everyone. If you’re currently catless, please consider going to your nearest shelter or rescue for a black cat companion. They’re very smart, loyal, talkative and loving. And sadly, often overlooked in favor of another color coat. Abishag and Ira would be most gratified. Purrs!

New Year, new cat?

If you’re wanting to add a new companion animal, may I recommend a Siamese? Of course, not every human can put up with this breed – they ‘talk’ an awful lot, they want things their way always, and they’ll let you know exactly what food, music, lighting, furniture, toys etc. they prefer.

But from my (prejudiced) viewpoint, they’re also extremely intelligent, diligent in their self-assigned duties (mousing, catching bugs, vigilance towards the world outside the window and inside too) and really wonderful companions.

You can see some of the best of the best at Siamese Rescue. It’s a great outfit, with very caring and kind directors and simply super volunteers. Be sure to catch their webcam!