Lost my heart – again

It’s so nice to connect with readers and fellow bloggers. Suddenly you realize there are many other folks who are companions to four-footed heart stealers too … 

all of us grateful: for a cold, wet nose when a sad memory intrudes… a tap of a furry paw, demanding some time be spent playing instead of working … and for constant, unconditional love. 

Isn’t it incredible how having pets brings out the better side of us humans?

(*Still learning how to do WordPress – I’ll get your comments up here – and thank you very much for those  – once I figure out which key to press and not make things disappear. Got felled earlier this month by a horrible case of the flu.)

Elder Care for Cats?

And what of Kezia the Beautiful? As the eldest of the three cat characters in “Three Wise Cats,” in real life, Kezia is beginning to appreciate the fireplace’s warmth more this winter than in the past. At ten years old (don’t admit you know her real age, please) sometimes she moves as if her joints are getting a bit stiff. (Like all the rest of us.) So Mike, our favorite UPS driver, will be bringing her a surprise soon. It’s a soft, round bed which should snuggle her small frame for hours of sweet dreams.

That is, if she decides she likes it.

Her opinion will be posted here, of course. Stay tuned.

The Weather Outside IS Frightful

Brrrr … this is the time of year when the cats and I are happy to be indoors. Abishag, Ira and Kezia aren’t big fans of snow, and since it’s been well-documented that indoor cats lead much longer and healthier lives, none of them venture outside anymore. And this is also the time of year when stray and feral cats get some much-needed help from compassionate humans. 

One of the best shelters which focuses on finding new homes for its inhabitants has got to be “The Goathouse Refuge” in North Carolina. The outstanding job Ms. Siglinda Scarpa is doing on her wooded acreage for unwanted and homeless cats makes the refuge an example for the rest of us. Strategic fencing and use of existing outbuildings (hence the name) mean the cats can roam, play in the sunlight, eat, nap and just enjoy being cats. If you’ve got a few minutes, check out her webpage: http://www.goathouserefuge.org

I guarantee it’ll start the wheels in your head turning. It’s been an especially appropriate example, as we’re trying to get an animal shelter built in this rural area. We’ll keep you posted as to its progress. 

In the meantime, the three wise cats are busy bird-watching (Ira), napping (Abishag) and taking a bath (Kezia the Beautiful). Funny how they stay in character.

Welcome to all with companion cats

Hello to those who read about cats, have them in their homes and frequently try (note: the operative word is ‘try’) to figure them out. As the co-authors of “Three Wise Cats” A Christmas Story, we decided to show you and the rest of our readers the ‘behind the scenes’ lives of our many cats. Enjoy!