Dramatic grammatics from the irrepressible Fred

“I’ze here!”

“What are you doing in the ditch again, Fred?”

“I’ze a cat.”

“Fred, we need to talk about your grammar and spelling. You were born on the campus of a publishing company. Yet your spelling is atrocious and your grammar isn’t correct.”

“I’ze a cat.”

“No, I’m a cat.”

“Nos, you not. You’ze Her Bring Food. I’ze a cat.”

“Fred. That’s ‘I’m a cat.’”

“Nos, you not.”

“Fred! The correct form of that sentence is, ‘I am a cat. Or, I’m a cat.’”

“I’ze sory to tells you, Her Bring Food, but you no cat. You a hooman.”

(sigh) “That’s our Fred. Our GingerFred Boy. One of the Kibble Kids. You can be a real pain too, you know that?”

“But I’ze your cat. An’ I’ze Taller Than Us’ess’ cat to.”

“Yes. Yes, we knows dat.”

“Gets a hug?”