Word games

Abishag and I, both word-lovers, would play games with vocabulary or make up new words, etc., just to keep the wheels turning in our brains.

This somewhat awful sample was based on a Victorian? game that was even mentioned in Dickens. We always played for fun, not points.

A is for Awesome cat

B is for Brave (surviving that terrible snow storm on her own)

I is for Intelligent, of course

S is for Special (never another)

H is for Helpful, in editing

A is for Ageless (Abishag never looked her real age)

G is for Good Girl, even when she was being ornery.

Abishag: (sigh) Honestly, human, you are silly sometimes.

Yes. I know.

But I still love you.

Thank you, Abishag. I love you, too.

Of course you do.