How to Hunt Moles

How to Hunt Moles

By Abishag

Moles stink. They smell awful, like really dirty dirt.

Hoomans say they’re the ones tearing up the yard with their tunnels.

Tunnels, shmunnels. A smart cat knows tunnels are just roads for moles.

So find one end of a tunnel and wait.



Mole comes up to see where it needs to dig next and WHAM!

Goodbye, mole. Nobody’s going to miss you. You stink.

The End

“Well, Abishag, you’ve gotten another book written. I’m kind of jealous. Your writing career is certainly moving right along.”

You try to write books that are too long, hooman. Short and sweet, I always say.

“Point taken, Miss Author. Point taken.”

And now, speaking of things taken, I’m going to take a nap. Wake me when it’s time for dinner.

“I agree. Get some rest, Abishag. You’ve earned it.”

Readers, here’s Abishag’s cover for her book. And a nicely-posed photo for the back cover, too. If she somehow writes a bestseller, I will turn over my office space to her and humbly become her editor.

A nicely-posed back cover, indeed. Note the mouse artfully arranged behind Abishag, and the vari-colored shadows
created on the blanket.
Where is she learning this kind of marketing?

Abishag’s list of books to write

Biography of A Mouse

How to Hunt Moles

Team Mole-Hunting Championships

Stealth Is The Best Hunting App

Music Is A Necessity

Autobiography of Me

“Abishag? Are you going to write ebooks or print?”

“Does it matter?”

“Well, ebooks generally can be published much more quickly.”

“Good. Ebooks it is.”



“Are you going to dictate your books or use my keyboard?”

“Me miss a chance to boss a hooman around? Silly. Of course you get to take dictation.”

“You do know I type rather slowly. Or I can type really fast if you don’t mind lots of mistakes.”

“Nope. No mistakes.”

“OK. When do we start?”

“It’s too late to start tonight. See you tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, ma’am.”