We is orfuns now?

Mama Rosa gone long time. Her Bring Food not happy; Taller Than Us found last kittens Mama Rosa had but they not real no mor. We sad too. We miss our Mama an we never got to play wif new bruvvers/sisters.

Her Bring Food says we vary lucky tho. We have foster purrents – our Uncle Pete an Aunt Nicky. They watching out for us. Her Bring Food an Taller Than Us say they help grownup cats too. So we okay. Sad, but okay.

from Priscilla of the Kibble Kids

Dat me Priscilla in back, I’ze da pritty one wif Fred in front, grey to side an den Jammes. We much bigger now.

And then there were seven

Mama Rosa, a lissome super-mouser tortoiseshell, has been living in the backyard tool shed since last April or May. When she became abundantly rotund, we fixed up an old ‘hut’ previous generations of cats had used as a shelter. Placed on the deck beside the kitchen door, the hut now has a small, warmly-padded cardboard box that will fit her alone and a bigger one for her and the kittens with a heating pad in it. (It’s still dropping to 28 degrees at night around here.) With plastic sheeting covering the sides and a shingled roof, the hut’s waterproof and Mama Rosa can see out to watch for intruders.

We’re not sure exactly when the kittens were born, but we found them St. Patrick’s Day inside an old carrier top in the yard, curled up in dried leaves, and carefully transported all six of them to the hut and their new box. Luckily, Mama Rosa didn’t mind them getting handled briefly by humans, and has happily settled into the bigger box where she can stretch out to feed all of them.

Beautiful colors, but gosh, they look like mice themselves. Glad that’s just temporary.