They’re baaaccckkk……

The literary adventures continue, as Abishag, Ira and Kezia appear in Four With A Mission. Harold and I truly hope you enjoy reading the new story of the ‘venturesome cats’ as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Four With A Mission brings in the new generation of cats, as Ira’s kitten, Ruth, and Abishag’s own Rachel assume the duty of their parents and the story’s stage – even Asmodeus the rat has another star turn. And the book itself is a ‘new generation,’ as it’s an eBook available on Kindle, published by Write Up The Road. (Kindle site for Four With A Mission)

Let us know what you think of it – we’re building some easily-accessible platforms for your comments and opinions.

And thank you for your patience! Bringing out the sequel to Three Wise Cats took much longer than we’d planned or thought it would. Purrs to all our readers!