Abishag’s Adages

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks … but an old cat will invent her own.”

“A dead flea bites no cats.”

“Food, especially gravy, is in the eye of the bowl holder. And possession of the bowl means I get all the gravy.”


The Cat Diet

I’ve owned/cared for/pulled my hair out over cats for better than 20 years now. And I still don’t understand their eating habits.

If you’re a cat, you lick up the majority of the gravy and leave the canned meat. Granted, sometimes the meat needs to be chopped much finer. (see photo – the little gold bits are cheese; the big meat ones are actually dog-food-sized chunks). We have one rescue cat with such a bad case of asthma, he can’t chew chunks of food and breathe at the same time. So I cut up his food like on a human kitten’s plate. But all the others can chomp like champions, so why the gravy-only thing?

Is this their way of staying svelte? Would it work for us humans???

large chunks of cat food