New toy mouse

It doesn’t matter how ‘old’ a cat is, they all enjoy a new toy mouse.

This is Grayson’s paw, just touching his new mouse’s tail. (Incidentally, Grayson turned 15 not long ago.)

Oh, the name of the tie-dyed mouse? Woodstock, of course.

The toy situation

katydid cat toy2

Here’s a thought: the photo is of Abishag’s favorite toy, her battered but realistic, soft plastic katydid. (It’s also Ira’s favorite toy when Abishag wants it. Plan ahead – get two of everything if you have two cats.) It’s from the kids’ toy section, where you can find huge flies, spiders, bugs and aliens which I hope your cat/cats enjoy as much.

Kezia the Beautiful had a tiny toy dinosaur that she and a handy human played ‘fetch’ with frequently. A very talented little lady.

Do they play with their toys for their amusement or our engagement?