Ten years next November!

The original cover of our self-published book, destined to be discovered by Berkley Penguin and published by them in 2009.

The very first Abishag, Ira and Kezia blog, Nov. 28, 2012:

“Welcome to all with companion cats

Hello to those who read about cats, have them in their homes and frequently try (note: the operative word is ‘try’) to figure them out. As the co-authors of “Three Wise Cats” A Christmas Story, we decided to show you and the rest of our readers the ‘behind the scenes’ lives of our many cats. Enjoy!”

And now there have been a total of 570 blogs posted, according to WordPress. …

I’m the last one still standing of the two authors and the main characters in Three Wise Cats and I’d like to give a special salute to the folks who’ve stuck with us all through the years. Thank you for each and every time you, our readers, have clicked on this posting, to read it and (hopefully) enjoy and share it.

The plan is for this blog to continue getting published, and get better with each post. I owe that to Harold, Abishag, Ira, Kezia and of course, Ptolemy.

I want to stand at the Rainbow Bridge some day in the future, with all my dearly-loved companions gathered around, and have Abishag’s little face turned up to mine as she says, “Good job. Now let’s go hunt moles.”