Pranks cats play on each other

I’ll rub my chin on the door edge until – oops – the door closes, trapping you inside the room with me

That bit of fuzz is some terrible unknown, vicious bug – look out! It’ll attack you!

I want to play; why are you sleeping?

I want to sleep; why are you playing?

But your bowl of food always tastes so much better …

New Year, new cat?

If you’re wanting to add a new companion animal, may I recommend a Siamese? Of course, not every human can put up with this breed – they ‘talk’ an awful lot, they want things their way always, and they’ll let you know exactly what food, music, lighting, furniture, toys etc. they prefer.

But from my (prejudiced) viewpoint, they’re also extremely intelligent, diligent in their self-assigned duties (mousing, catching bugs, vigilance towards the world outside the window and inside too) and really wonderful companions.

You can see some of the best of the best at Siamese Rescue. It’s a great outfit, with very caring and kind directors and simply super volunteers. Be sure to catch their webcam!

Too much rain

Oh, the cats are just plain bored today. We’re getting the remnants of Hurricane Patricia, and there aren’t any birds to watch, or bugs on the windowsill outside.

But Abishag has a cure for boredom. She’s delighted by her new bed, close to the fireplace. It’s sumptuously furnished with both an old soft sweatshirt (donated by her Favorite Artist) and towel, in yet another paper ream box lid. She’ll soon smack her brother if he doesn’t stop grumbling about “nothing to watch on Cat TV.”

Speaking of pro wrestling, the inevitable sibling tag match will liven things up!

The Cat Paradox

Cats can be so self-sufficient. And yet sometimes they’re as ‘clingy’ as a fussy toddler. What makes the difference? They don’t like change, yet love to watch the random movements of birds and bugs.

Do they dream of their own small (constrained because of safety reasons) world, or of others beyond their parameters?