‘Karate Kat’

Over at The Shameful Sheep, Blair’s encounter last month with that disgusting (yeecchhh) cockroach reminded me of Ptolemy, my wonderful Siamese. I lived in an apartment beset with those demons and when I was able to move to a nicer one, some of them moved with me.

Ptolemy, my ‘Karate Kat’ would whack one with a paw and then stand guard over it until I could dispose of the carcass.

Ira’s proudest moment as an indoor cat was when he presented a 7-inch long, dead black snake (no bigger around than a pencil) to me. He’d caught it in the garage.

Abishag is death on caterpillars, beetles, moths and (sadly) crickets.

We all definitely agree with Blair’s great post, “adopt a cat, save your eyelids.” And we wish her a Happy Birthday!