Hapy Birfday to Us!

Jamie and Fred playing ‘leap cat’ a year ago

We’z TWO years old today! An jus as hansome an prety as ever. We’z the originel Kibble Kids.

We apresheate you, are readers very mush an thank you for followin us (altho where is you? We nefer sees you(

Her Bring Food also thanks you very mush.

Many purrs,

Fred (blond guy) an Jamie (girl in a tux)

From the Kibble Kids

Happie Noo Year from Fred (Kibble Kid original)

Happy new yeer from Jamie (Kibble Kid original and Mama to vershun2 and three tabby kits)

HNY from Zorro, Sis, Hoss; Ta’Male, Geronimo, Gabriella; Annie Rose at Rainbow Bridge: Kibble Kids v. 2

tabby kits Hermoine Granger, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood (our bruvvers Harry Potter an Ron Weasley found a new home together). We’s asking Her Bring Food an Taller Than Us if we can stay. We like it here.

“Another 15 minutes of fame, please”

Well, Abishag, I don’t see anything wrong with that ambition. Do you want to be famous again for one of your books?

“That would be nice. You know I’ve gotten comments on them already.”

Yes, you have. Randy said your book on how to hunt moles was “Riveting.” Speaking of more books, this is the year I hope the two of us can complete your prequel to Three Wise Cats. Then we’ll combine Before Their Journey, Three Wise Cats, and Four With A Mission into an ebook trilogy and dedicate it to Harold as a memorial edition.

“I really like that idea. We didn’t get much done last year, did we?”

No, I’m ashamed to say, we didn’t. That was my fault. I let the pandemic absorb way too much time in worrying, searching for information, and planning a trip to the grocery store like it was an expedition to Mars or something. We’ve got to catch up the projects that mean the most to us.

“Well, I have three more books to write myself. Maybe I can give you some pointers.”

Abishag, I’ll gladly listen to whatever advice you want to give me.

Merry Christmas by Fred

We’z wishing all our reedrs the mos wonderful Christmas an a relly supurr New Year!

from us, the Kibble Kids:

Fred an Jamie (orignal Kibble Kids)

Kibble Kids v.2 : Gabby (Gabriella), Zorro, Hoss Cartwright, Sis (Cisco Kid), Ta’Male, an’ our chief Geronimo.

Her Bring Food tried for an hour to get all of us in one photo an’ holding stil but she gave up.

Good ding too. We’z tired. We go take naps now.

Abishag plans ahead

Abishag? What is that?

“Planning ahead. If the pappurrazi start annoying me, I just get really close to their camera lenses and poof! disappear.”


“Those pesky photographers who annoy authors.”

Oh, them. Are you planning on being that famous?

“I’m already famous. But I can become even more famous, if I can find the right publicist.”

How in the world are you going to pay a publicist?

“Well, how many mice can one human eat?”

Believe me, not very many.

“So my publicist won’t be expensive. A mouse or two a day should be enough.”

Oh, definitely enough.

“Good. I’ll write the ad after Christmas.”