Biography of a Mouse

By Abishag


“I saw it!”

Sqeek sqeek

“Goodbye, mouse.”

“The End”

Well, Abishag, that’s quite a book.

“I like it. No unnecessary words. You hoomans use too many.”

I’d have to admit you’re right there. Let me figure out how to format it as an ebook, okay?

“Okay. I’ll start writing the next one.”

Abishag’s list of books to write

Biography of A Mouse

How to Hunt Moles

Team Mole-Hunting Championships

Stealth Is The Best Hunting App

Music Is A Necessity

Autobiography of Me

“Abishag? Are you going to write ebooks or print?”

“Does it matter?”

“Well, ebooks generally can be published much more quickly.”

“Good. Ebooks it is.”



“Are you going to dictate your books or use my keyboard?”

“Me miss a chance to boss a hooman around? Silly. Of course you get to take dictation.”

“You do know I type rather slowly. Or I can type really fast if you don’t mind lots of mistakes.”

“Nope. No mistakes.”

“OK. When do we start?”

“It’s too late to start tonight. See you tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

In the interim

Abishag seemed to be feeling poorly again, so off we went to the vets’ last week. (Reelfoot Animal Hospital has the best doctors and front desk people anywhere!) Dr. Crews checked her over – heart sounded good, lungs okay, arthritis noted, no cataracts after all (!) but he was concerned with her weight loss. She’s severely underweight.

So now, after a week or so of a high protein supplemental food, lots more attention than she’d been getting, and being back home upstairs – with no room mate – and her music … Abishag is doing better. She looks as if she’s gained an ounce or two already! She’ll have to have blood work and tests in the future, but for now, the two of us are encouraging each other to eat, enjoying long conversations once again, and making plans.

She may be sweet sixteen, but as Mehitabel always said, “There’s a dance in the old gal yet.”

Define ‘kitten’

Zorro: Smaller cat dat run faster den Her bring Food an Taller Than Us put togedder.

Molly Brown: What Mama shake her head about an wonder what she gonna do.

Geronimo: Smarter den anybuddy an faster an not easy catchin.

The Cisco Kid: Me!

Hoss Cartwright: Me to!

Annie Oakley: Cuter den anyding els.

Gabby Grays: What we doin? Workin on dishunary? Ooooh – Uncle Fred gots A snake agin! Gotta go see up clos!





What are you kids up to?

Annie: “Hi, Mama. Um- we’z jus wonrin’ how to write a book.”

Jamie: “I know you were born on the campus of a publishing company – whatever that is – but where do you get these ideas?”

Geronimo: “Her Bring Food” alla time talkin’ ’bout writin’ books. So we thought maybe we cud too.”

Annie: “We wants to be faymust. We think Her Bring Food help us.”

Her Bring Food: “That’s my cue to walk on. Are you kittens ready to get started on your ‘Kibble Kids Dishunary’?”

Annie: “Help us?”

Geronimo: “Wait, wait. I’ze hungree. An’ need a nap. Affer that, maybe ready to write.”

Her Bring Food: “You sound like a writer already, Geronimo.”




Abishag wants to know why she isn’t quoted more often.

“I didn’t know you wanted to be quoted.”

“Why should the youngsters get all the attention from our readers? You even gave them a cute nickname – Kibble Kids. Humph.”

“Abishag, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to neglect you.”

“Well, you haven’t neglected me, exactly. Because I wouldn’t allow it.”

“Um – I’m fully aware of that. Should I try to figure out something to compensate for the youngsters getting more press coverage?”

“Finish the first book in the trilogy, so all our readers know how we three came to live with the old astronomer and Ptolemy before our mission began.”

“Yes, ma’am.”