Color coded cats

Years ago, the cats were each assigned a particular color of bowl. This was with the thought if they got accustomed to thinking of that color bowl as theirs, maybe they wouldn’t snitch bits of food from whichever bowl was sitting there.

Alas, that was a futile thought. Grayson’s bowl color is turquoise, Spot’s red, Slim’s blue. Pete has either a yellow, recycled whipped topping bowl or a yellow bowl. (He’s been told that’s because it matches his fur.) Ocho has a pretty orange-sherbet-colored dish for broth and otherwise, she has kibble.

But if Spot’s red bowl is just sitting there, her brother Slim will eat from it and ignore his own blue bowl beside it. Same thing with Grayson.

And sometimes one cat gets annoyed with anyone else nibbling from their food but ‘usually’ doesn’t make a really big deal out of it.

They’re either the most tolerant cats in captivity, or the most inclined to share, or they really are reincarnated people in little fur suits.

I’m beginning to think maybe it’s the last option. However, proving it is quite a challenge. Any theories, folks?