Happy Birthday, Kibble Kids!

This Saturday the Kibble Kids v.2 will be three years old. It seems like it’s been longer than that; so much has happened to the original seven kittens that Jamesie had in 2020 …

But this photo of them when they were six days old was just too cute to resist posting, even though it causes a few pangs in the heart region. Starting at the top left, that’s either Geronimo (lost to a speeding car) or Senor TaMale (nee Molly Brown except ‘she’ was a boy, hence the name change). Next, two tuxedos have to be Zorro and Sis (nee Cisco Kid, again, ‘he’ was a girl which made another name change necessary). Continuing clockwise, Annie Rose Oakley (lost to either a coyote or an owl) and the third tuxedo kitten, who must be Hoss Cartwright, since he’s smaller and has half-socks on his front feet. (The other two appear to have more white on their paws.) The gray one in the middle has to be the irrepressible Gabby Gayes, named for Gabby Hayes (not a boy, but always talking so no real name change needed); first one to purr and first one to boldly hiss at an unknown person.

Anyway, now that they’re all living in my office from late afternoon to broad daylight in the mornings, there surely can’t be a vicious coyote or evil owl carry any of them off again – and now they’re grown and fairly good fighters too.

It’s been quite a trip, what with a pandemic in the middle and changes around the world in so many areas.

They’re looking forward to ‘writing’ a few books and posing for lots more photos, so we’ll just let you, our favorite readers, know what’s new in their lives and when their books are ready to be read. Thanks for following their ornery, cheerful, flighty, sassy, determined, stubborn, adventurous, mayhem-prone, active and cuddly lives!



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  1. randy3931 says:

    God love their little butts.



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