Write on, Fred!

(Overheard while eavesdropping on one of the Kibble Kids meetings)

Fred: Her Brings Food says mus learn to ‘he munch he ate.’

Sis: Say wha?

Hoss: Uncle Fred’s found sum mor big words.

Gabby: Neber a shortage of big words wif Uncle Fred. Word mean what?

Fred: Um – not real sure. Guess not talk with mouf full? Or maybe what happens to nice fresh mousie.

Gabby: Dat sound mor like it. But why Her Brings Food tellin what to do with mousie?

Fred: (very importantly) Sumpin to do wif my Freditorials. Cause I’se a litter rarely cat.

Sis: You get tail shut in door jus like rest of us.

Hoss: Gotcha, Uncle Fred.



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  1. randy3931 says:

    Linguistics! “Neber a shortage!” Right on! http://www.randystark.com

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