The retirement that wasn’t

Well, plans were to ‘retire’ the original Three Wise Cats cast of mega-characters on or about December 27, but it seems the internet and Mother Nature had other plans. Between the bitter cold and fierce winds, the internet sank without a trace for quite a few days while running water froze in its tracks.

The above look likely would’ve been on Midnight’s face as she realized she couldn’t give her “I’m retiring – farewell to my friends and readers as I just appear in my favorite blog from time to time” speech …

but then, if I could recall more stories about her and her brother, Ira, and their cohort in crime, Kezia the Beautiful, she would’ve been happy to edit/correct/urge such stories on.

So they’re not ‘officially retired’ but just on an irregular schedule, ambling down Memory Lane.

However, you can still keep up with Spot and Slim, Seis and Ocho; the Kibble Kids v.2, GingerFred Boy and his upcoming Freditorials and Jamesie Momsie, intrepid kitten replicator. (Thank goodness the veterinarians were able to re-open their surgery and appointment book for spays and neuters in 2020. Otherwise cats and kittens might outnumber the hoomans in their newly-renamed Cat County.)

Happy New Year to all, and may your favorite feline have the time of its nine lives in 2023!