Ten years THIS November!

The very first blog about Abishag, Ira and Kezia was published November 28, 2012.

Lots of changes since then.

A whole new cast of characters have been added – the Kibble Kids, Uncle Pete, Her Brings Food, Taller Than Us. Even a pair of disreputable tabbies, Herman Sherman Tank and Luna Moonwalker have made appearances in these blogs.

I hope, cherished readers, you’ve enjoyed most of them; sniffled over the tragic ones, and laughed at the chronicled antics of the crazier things the cats managed to do.

There are more changes coming.

I’m actually running out of stories about Abishag, Ira, Kezia and yes, even Ptolemy. So as of December 27 or thereabouts, the above-listed cast of their book, “Three Wise Cats”  A Christmas Story, will gracefully retire from these blog pages and get some well-earned rest at the Rainbow Bridge.

Plans to begin a new blog about the Kibble Kids are being solidified; its publication date will be every Thursday, as they’ve been doing, but with far fewer interruptions and of course Fred is still terribly excited about his assigned ‘Freditorials.’ Some of their best blogs will be knowingly repeated so new readers can have their back stories.

Their ‘Dishunary’ is being put into shape too, and the self-publishing learning curve means you’ll be apprised of its publication as an ebook initially. (A print edition will depend upon the readers’ response to the cats’ challenge to an unsuspecting Daniel Webster.)

So a heart-felt Thank You to a wonderful group of people – all of you, our faithful readers who kept the stories coming as you requested more of them. See you soon, in our very best bibs and tuckers. (Fred will likely want spats, too.)

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  1. randy3931 says:

    Congrats and Whoa Nellie! Exciting changes are in the works. We are all eagerly awaiting.


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