On choosing a bed

It was always interesting to watch as Abishag and Ira chose a place for a nap. Neither was interested in an expensive bed from the pet store. They both just wanted something comfortable for that day’s snooze.

Rarely did both want the same spot at the same time, as Ira almost always chose someplace up off the floor; the top of the office bookcase was a favorite perch for napping or just observing. He was more agile than his sister and leaping a favorite activity.

Abishag preferred a more plump cushion in her bed and on the floor was fine with her, as long as it was out of any drafts. She had more plumpness to her figure too, and had long ago quit the ‘kittenish jumping’ Ira loved to indulge.

As I’ve mentioned before and you’ve seen in their photos, the lid from a cardboard box containing reams of paper was the top choice as sleeping quarters. Living many years in a publishing company must’ve been quite an influence.

One thought on “On choosing a bed

  1. randy3931 says:

    When it’s nap time, it’s nap time.


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