Smart cats

The folks a couple of houses away have two large dogs, which are very well-behaved. Except when one of our cats decides to race under one of their noses, or boldly walk up to the living room window and peer in to see where the dogs are at the moment.

Then there are times when our cats decide to behave themselves too. The photo is of a farmer’s field, letting the sun bake the weed seeds under the black plastic so they don’t germinate and grow. You’ll note there’s a couple of black sandbags out there – or are they? ‘Kibble Kids’ Jamesie, Sis and Hoss figured out they can sit absolutely still, with their white paws tucked underneath, and the dogs think they’re ‘just another sandbag.’ So they’re sunning themselves, probably smiling a little, and playing a small joke on the dogs.

Smart cats.