Knock their socks off

When you’ve got three tuxedos living in the backyard, you have to look very closely to see who’s who. The top photo is Hoss Cartwright, with his spotless white half-socks.

The middle photo is Sis, with her dainty, trim anklets.

The last photo is their mom, Jamesie, sporting her knee socks. (The right one, just like a human’s socks, always appears to be sliding down.)

And of course if they’re in motion, you can forget telling which one is running in which direction. Your best bet here is to call, “Dinner time!” and get them inside. They’ll sort themselves out in the dining hall.


2 thoughts on “Knock their socks off

  1. randy3931 says:

    You can never be too well-dressed for dinner.


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