2022 on the horizon

T’was the week after Christmas, and all through the house

every cat was listening, hoping for a mouse

To turn up atop a counter or ‘neath the stove,

And some lucky cat would catch it on the rove.

Oh! The squeaks they would hear

as the mouse saw them loom in sight,

the racing to catch it

by pale moonlight.

The scramble, the hurry, the flurry, the flight

of a panic-stricken mouse in the middle of the night.

The crash and the clatter

wouldn’t really matter,

as four paws, eight paws, then eleven

made three cats sound like at least twenty-seven.

The jubilation when the rodent was trapped at last!

The tri-pawed cat proven to be just as fast

as his sibling and housemate, both arriving too late

to assist the mouse in meeting his fate.

And then came the humans, woken from sleep,

who told the fastest cat “No, he couldn’t keep

the mouse he’d captured with effort so great,”

and “to go back to bed; it was very, very late.”

But he did get catnip, and several treats as well,

so he thought the swap was pretty swell,

because frankly the mouse wasn’t plump or delicious –

just the amazing appearance of three cats’ wishes.

A very Happy New Year to all our readers from Grayson, Spot and Slim!


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  1. randy3931 says:

    A wonderful photo. Happy New Year!

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