Merry Christmas!

Jamesie (Mom)
Hoss and Fred

And a Happy New Year from the Kibble Kids v.1 and v.2 plus (Uncle) Pete.

You needs to tell them we’s the workin farm cats too. An the farm is mos six haykers, so we stays bizzy.

That’s true, Fred. And you do work hard.

Plus we’s hansome or prety an very smart.

I’d agree with all of that, too.

An we’s writing a book.

True again.

So we’s all gonna be faymust an rich.

From just one book?

You said you ed it for us. Makes it bedder an’ den we sell mor books.

That’s the theory behind editing, yes. But it doesn’t guarantee a book sells lots of copies.

Easy to sell lots of copies.

Tell me your secret?

A nice fresh mousie in evry book. Markting done!

Fred, I hope you never open an ad agency.

One thought on “Merry Christmas!

  1. randy3931 says:

    A good-looking crew. Merry Christmas to you!


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