Rub a dub dub

What is it about cats and laundry baskets? If there’s one handy, empty or filled with laundry – dirty or clean, it doesn’t matter – see basket, insert cat.

Baskets have been around longer than pottery, so perhaps cats have been sleeping in all kinds of baskets since the Egyptians or earlier. The oldest carbon-dated baskets have an estimated age of 10 to 12,000 years old, and were used many centuries before pottery became popular. They can be used to transport food back to a rudimentary encampment, or store food for the future. Unless the mice and rats destroy it. Cue the cat.

So today Grayson is simply enjoying a nap in an historically-relevant structured space. Does he care what his ancestors did? Probably not. If the basket is still there tomorrow, however, he’ll enjoy yet another nap in it.

Sleep well, my friend. You’re a part of history, whether you know it or not.

One thought on “Rub a dub dub

  1. randy3931 says:

    But how do we get them to actually DO the laundry? Methinks they be too smart.


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