There’s been a theory (in my thoughts) for some time: could cats possibly be reincarnated humans?

Sounds silly, but hear me out. They’re stubborn, determined, deliberate and capable of planning ahead. They’re usually quiet, think a lot, have favorite toys and prefer certain other cats. They may or may not come when they’re called, or sleep when you want them to, eat when they want to and generally operate on their own schedule and timetable. They have a sense of humor. They’re self-reliant.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a human counterpart? They can hold a grudge, throw a tantrum, watch wistfully for their favorite human to get home from work, and terrorize a kitten. (Which will pay the older cat back, once it’s the same size or bigger.)

They make up their own rules, interrupt whatever you’re trying to do, and can be sweet and cuddly when the mood strikes.

So IF cats are reincarnated humans, there’s a huge amount of shared characteristics that may help all of us understand one another much better. There’s just one more remaining question.

The question is, which life is a reward, and which life is the punishment?


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