Um, let’s leave that for Santa

This seems to be at the top of everyone’s list for Christmas this year.

(sigh) Since I couldn’t actually catch a mouse if someone paid me to do so, I suggested to the Kibble Kids that we leave this problem up to Santa Claus. Fred, Jamesie, Uncle Pete (a Kibble Kid by adoption), Gabby, Hoss, Sis and Molly Ta’Male agreed to be satisfied with whatever Santa deemed best.

“After alls,” Fred said, wisely, “We dusn’t want to make our giffs hard for Santa to find. Becaws elfs can’t make mousies.”

Guess I better make a bunch of felt mice for them this year. After all, Abishag had a lot of fun with the pink one I made for her. And the Abishag Stamp of Approval was not that easily earned.