The inimitable Fred

Dis my lion look.

Heavens, Fred. You do look rather like a lion, with your eyes slanted and your jaw set like that.

Told you. I’ze a lion today.

Okaay. Should I ask why you want to look like a ferocious wild animal?

To scares everbody.

That sounds like a good reason, but now I’m wondering why you want to scare everyone.

Tired of being Mr. Nice Cat.

Well. Fred, I’m glad to hear you say that. You give away almost every mouse you catch. Your youngest niece and nephew are old enough to catch their own mice. Put your paw down.

Zackly. Tuff love from Unkel Fred from now ons.

Good for you, Fred. Good for you!


2 thoughts on “The inimitable Fred

  1. randy3931 says:

    Looks like a poster image for the American Association of Retired Cats, AARC, to me.


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