Editor’s nightmare

Abishag would’ve pointed out that she never made such blatant errors in her writing; the joke would’ve gone over her furry little head.

But she always let me know when something didn’t ‘sound right’ in a piece I was working on. Her comments ranged from a mild “Humph” to a look of “You’ve got to be kidding.” Given that look, I knew at least a paragraph was in dire need of rewriting.

A dear friend has said Abishag is doubtless hard at work on more books and now has her very own typewriter (paw writer? claw writer?) to set down her thoughts.

However, I don’t think any old modified typewriter would do. Abishag has the latest model of laptop, on top of her own desk. And woe betide any brother, named Ira or not, who bothers her while she’s writing or thinking. Abishag always believed in immediate correction – and she has one heck of a right hook.

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