Keeping memories

Readers, you may already know about this, but I found out Walgreens has a partnering service which will print copies of photos you’ve taken, whether with your phone or a camera.

Above is a print of one of Abishag’s very best photos, taken in February, 2015, showing the wheels going ’round in that little hard head of hers. (Being a Taurus, she was very determined – just a hair away from being ‘stubborn.’) The prints aren’t at all expensive, and you can get home delivery if you want, rather than driving to the store.

BTW, I’m not getting anything from Walgreens for mentioning them here in Abishag’s blog. I just wanted all of you to know about help available in keeping memories.

So please don’t keep those special memories stored on your phone or in the cloud – get them copied and up on the wall, where they can brighten a dreary day with a reminder of a sunnier one.