Meeting ran over

“We had meeting yesday an’ decided stuff.”

Oh, well, that’s a good thing to be doing, Gabriella. What stuff did you decide? Are you going to finish your ‘dishunary’ ?

“Yep. We want to get it gated to our little sister, Annie Rose. The one who got eated by the coyote.”

Oh, that’s a nice thought. Um – get it gated?

“When you say the book’s for somecat speshal. Uncle Fred said ask Her Bring Food, she’ll know how to do book.”

Oh. ‘Dedicated.’

“Right. We not forgetting Annie. Can you help us do that?”

Yes. Yes, I can. Just as soon as I wipe my eyes and blow my nose, Gabby. You’re all a terrific bunch of Kibble Kids, you know that?

“We knows.”

2 thoughts on “Meeting ran over

  1. randy3931 says:

    I see Kibble Kids know that one of the keys to a successful meeting is to have food brought in. Bravo!


    • twccoauthor says:

      Amazing how they figure these things out. I do wonder sometimes if they miss Annie; Gabriella especially will occasionally get a wistful expression on her little grey face as she’s looking into the distance.


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