In the interim

Abishag seemed to be feeling poorly again, so off we went to the vets’ last week. (Reelfoot Animal Hospital has the best doctors and front desk people anywhere!) Dr. Crews checked her over – heart sounded good, lungs okay, arthritis noted, no cataracts after all (!) but he was concerned with her weight loss. She’s severely underweight.

So now, after a week or so of a high protein supplemental food, lots more attention than she’d been getting, and being back home upstairs – with no room mate – and her music … Abishag is doing better. She looks as if she’s gained an ounce or two already! She’ll have to have blood work and tests in the future, but for now, the two of us are encouraging each other to eat, enjoying long conversations once again, and making plans.

She may be sweet sixteen, but as Mehitabel always said, “There’s a dance in the old gal yet.”

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    Good report.



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