Take that, ants

To her dismay, Abishag found she’d accidentally spilled a bit of canned food from her breakfast on the floor this morning. And ants around the county, apparently, all got the email – they found the bit of food. In droves. (As our good friend and many times published poet Randy Stark wrote, “ants had furred the kitchen…”) !

She and I got that taken care of promptly. And then, just to make sure the ants got the message, we ate the one and a half tortilla chips I’d been hoarding for her.

So there, ants.

One thought on “Take that, ants

  1. randy3931 says:

    It’s amazing how quickly, and in such large numbers, ants can convene. Most times it’s all we humans can do just to get a quorum for a board meeting. http://www.randystark.com

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