Some cat care hacks

A couple things you may not have thought of for your companion cat, especially when you’re trying to cope with a hundred things at once.

Remember shredded newspaper makes very good litter. In a pinch, you can even shred those old paperback books (not the covers) you found were too dull to read. Your home office paper shredder will cheerfully render “101 Ways to Organize Your Refrigerator” useful in no time.

If the vet’s mentioned keeping your furry friend well-hydrated, be sure to rinse those cat food cans out with a bit of water to make broth. Stirring the water in the empty can with a fork will get all those tasty bits into the broth, and if you’ve decanted it into a microwave-safe bowl, you can heat it for 5-10 seconds or so. Our cat’s suffered through two UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections); now laps up her broth morning and evening. Combined with a dry food formulated to prevent UTIs, the broth’s helped Ocho keep perking along for four years now.

Got an empty, clean plastic gallon jug? Carefully cut it down to where you still have the handle but the narrow top’s eliminated. (See drawing.) Now you have an excellent – and free – receptacle for used litter that won’t fold up or tip over like a plastic bag does. You can even line the former jug with the plastic bag while you fill it. Easy to then tie the bag closed and put in the trash. Stand the litter scoop up in the used litter container and keep both by the litter box.

All these tips are Abishag-approved, by the way. She’s urging me to write a small ebook compiling all the hacks we’ve discovered over the years. Think I’ll take her up on that.