What dem things?

Fred here.  Sis Jamie susprized us all Toosday nite. Sumpin’ sqeekin’ upstairs, right over my bed. Sqeek, sqeek. Couldn’t figger out. Gave up an’ went back to sleep.

Dis mornin’ Her Bring Food back in our building, lookin’ at sumpin’. So I climbs up an’ peeks over box side. Huh! Funny lookin’ mousies.

Her Bring Food whispers, “Kittens. They’re sleeping. Don’t wake them up, or you’ll be in trouble.” Now I’ze gettin’ threats for not doin’ nuffin’. Okay. Dem not mousies, don smell like ’em. But ‘Uncle Fred’ not kitten-sittin’.

Her Bring Food still tryin’ get photo. Soon, maybe. We sees. Maybe mor Kibble Kids dis sumer?

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