Abishag is not speaking to me

Had to tell Abishag today that the sequel to “Three Wise Cats” which Harold and I also wrote together, “Four With A Mission” is now on page 58 of 100 pages of Amazon Kindle ebooks with ‘mission’ in the title. Kind of out of sight, out of mind.

She pretends she doesn’t like people fussing over her, or attention from everyone in the room – but she does. And of course, with typical cat logic, she and Ira and Kezia the Beautiful wrote both books (with a little help). So readers should still be writing her fan letters or, preferably, sending catnip or other delicacies.

Reinforces the notion of ‘author as diva,’ doesn’t it? But she’ll be over her pout in a little while. Unless she fires me for not doing a much better marketing job.

Guess my unemployment would be in kibble bits.