We be vishus Kibble Kids?

Jamie here: Cuppa weeks ago, Fred figger out how slide door open from inside.

Fred: I was hungry! You were too!

Jamie: He jump out of kitten door an scare Her Bring Food nerly out of her boots. She get woried when too early for us to be out cause coyotes might still be hangin round.

Fred: Okay, dint mean scare her so bad. You came out opened door too. Uncle Pete evwen manage squeeze throuh, one shoulder at a time.

Jamie: So Her Bring Food ask Taller Than Us  pleaz secur door. So he got chain an did jus that. Now it look like pit bulls living in our builging, not kittens and Uncle Pete.

Fred: Good! Maybe that scare confounded coyotes.

Jamie: No pit bulls, jus vishus Kibble Kids.

Fred: Not sorry. Like scaring coyotes. Wait til I all growed an big as Uncle Pete. We go beat up coyotes.

Jamie: Oh bruvver.