Down memory lane

There have been so many (too many!) sad posts for this blog lately. As an executive decision, and to thank our loyal (and very much appreciated) readers, we’re going to start meandering down memory lane for a while.

After all, this blog has been chugging along for six years now – and hasn’t exhausted all the cat stories which could be told yet.

So, we’ll keep up with the Kibble Kids, but add stories from kittenhood on about the others, especially Abishag, Ira and Kezia the Beautiful.

They were the main characters of their book, “Three Wise Cats,” published ten years ago (!) this November. Time for a little nostalgia …

2 thoughts on “Down memory lane

  1. Randy Stark says:

    Shine your light!



    • twccoauthor says:

      Thank you! I’ll go back through the archives in an effort to avoid repeating … repeating … repeating the same ‘cat stories’ written up already.


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