Siri and Darrell Zwemke have devoted their lives to rescuing, fostering, and placing Siamese cats in new homes since 1998. They’ve bought a ton of food and litter, built a special shelter for their charges, paid huge vet bills, organized a far-reaching volunteer and foster network, cared for and bid a loving farewell to cats in hospice.

Now they’re ‘retiring’ … well, winding down a little. I’ve followed their efforts, donated when I could, participated when time permitted. And I’ve never seen two people more dedicated to helping Meezers in multiple ways. Their success has been phenomenal – and from their huge hearts.

Thank you, Siri and Darrell. We’ve all enjoyed your website pages (and wished I could adopt more cats!), your newsletter, “Meezer Mews,” purchased treats for spoiled fur babies from the Siamese Store, and dedicated memorials. Mine were always to the greatest Siamese cat ever, Ptolemy.

For our readers who love Siamese, get your 2020 Siamese Rescue calendar at the Siamese Store – last edition – and also treat yourself to a copy of Siri’s new book, “Rescue Meez” on Amazon. Siamese Cat Rescue Center will continue on Facebook, too.

Bless your very kind hearts, Siri and Darrell. Enjoy some leisure –  you’ve earned not only vacation time, but surely wings in Heaven and an honored place at the Rainbow Bridge when you visit some of your own.

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