a tribute to archy and mehitabel

Don Marquis invented several classic characters in a 1916 column written for The Evening Sun (New York City) paper when he recorded the first adventurous appearance of archy, the literary cockroach. The entire works (some 500 columns in all) became a sensation (‘viral’ nowadays) with readers of the paper and later, many books of collected columns.

Please click; scroll to the reprinted column in the center of the page, click to enlarge it and then start at the third paragraph, beginning “Dobbs Ferry possesses a rat …”


At over a hundred years old, archy and mehitabel are still giving readers chuckles and pointed political views. Enjoy!

(Sorry about the convoluted journey to get to the web page and then the original column itself. This approach prevents the dreaded 401 Error notice. And truly, the column’s worth the several steps to get to read a sample of unique Americana.)