We is orfuns now?

Mama Rosa gone long time. Her Bring Food not happy; Taller Than Us found last kittens Mama Rosa had but they not real no mor. We sad too. We miss our Mama an we never got to play wif new bruvvers/sisters.

Her Bring Food says we vary lucky tho. We have foster purrents – our Uncle Pete an Aunt Nicky. They watching out for us. Her Bring Food an Taller Than Us say they help grownup cats too. So we okay. Sad, but okay.

from Priscilla of the Kibble Kids

Dat me Priscilla in back, I’ze da pritty one wif Fred in front, grey to side an den Jammes. We much bigger now.

2 thoughts on “We is orfuns now?

  1. Randy Stark says:

    Keep up the good work(s) Her Bring Food and Taller Than Us. It is much needed.



    • twccoauthor says:

      Thank you. Our ‘job’ is made much easier by the Kibble Kids’ Uncle Pete and Aunt Nicky. I’ve never seen such a close-knit cat family; the two grown cats watch after the nearly four-month-old kittens most assiduously.


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