The Kibble Kids’ Fourth of July

Too manee booms. Too much zip zip hiss shreeek smack! We’s very not happy. We gonna hide in da greenhous. Taller Than Us say we safe dere. Her Bring Food say we okay too.

Hope Mama Rosa okay. Mama not like small spasez, so she went somehweres else. Uncle Pete an Aunt Nicky hear tho.

Hoomans, pleese watch out for YOUR furbabies. If no greenhous, dan gagarge good, inside peeple hous way better. We thanks you for keeping our cousens safe.

The Kibble Kids


2 thoughts on “The Kibble Kids’ Fourth of July

  1. Randy says:

    Inside peeple hous shaking like a birthday jumping castle. Stay in greenhous if you live in Callafourneuh.


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